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Athas Capital Group in New York Times

Calabasas, CA. – June 28th, 2014 – “In Home Loans, Subprime Fades as a Dirty Word” by Shaila Dewan

Martin and Cindy Arroyo knew they were not ideal candidates for a home loan. She had gone through a foreclosure after losing her job, and he was finishing his M.B.A. and had not yet found his current position. But they had managed to put together a down payment of more than $550,000, or three-quarters of the asking price for a four-bedroom house in Los Gatos, and thought they would find a bank willing to lend the rest. They didn’t.
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Athas Capital Group in Business Week

Calabasas, CA. – February 20th, 2014 – “Subprime Mortgages’ Modest Comeback” by Kathleen M. Howley

Athas Capital Group in the Wall Street Journal

Calabasas, CA. – November 29th, 2012 – “The idea of taking out a high-dollar mortgage from a complete stranger conjures up images of loan sharks and broken kneecaps. But the practice is legal—and on the rise.” by AnnaMaria Andriotis

Individual investors looking for higher returns are increasingly lending their own money to people who can’t or don’t want to borrow money from a bank. In most cases, the investor pairs up with a private, nonbank lender who provides the mortgage at rates that often range anywhere from 6% to 13%.
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Athas Capital Group in the Wall Street Journal

Calabasas, CA. – December 15th, 2013 – “Rich investors bet on ‘sane subprime’ loans. Once considered toxic, subprime mortgages get rebranded as ‘smart’.” by AnnaMaria Andriotis

Banks want nothing to do with subprime mortgages, which nearly brought down the U.S. economy. But private firms are filling that void, rebranding loans to borrowers with poor credit as “sane subprime” and “smart nonprime,” and pitching them to wealthy investors in search of yield. This time, they say, it will be different.
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Athas Capital Group Features in San Fernando Business Journal

“Are Lenders Responsible or Too Tight?” by Mark Madler

With interest rates the lowest in years and an affordable inventory waiting to be snatched up, lenders say there is no better time to buy a house.
Many consumers know it’s not that easy. Fallout from the mortgage lending crisis has banks and other lenders operating in a changed environment. They now must comply with tighter federal regulations involving lending practices, and take a conservative approach when evaluating and processing mortgage applications.
Despite the role subprime mortgages played in the recent recession, they haven’t disappeared completely. But lenders say the days of approving loans without income verification or a down payment are likely gone forever.
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As reported by the Wall Street Journal, Athas Capital Group is in prime position when it comes to Private / Hard Money Lending!

“Riskier Loans Make a Comeback, as Private Firms Take the Field” by Annamaria Andriotis

After years as the lending market’s undesirables, aspiring home buyers with less-than-stellar credit are being offered home loans again—with some of the same conditions and catches critics say tripped up subprime borrowers five years ago. According to analysts, a handful of private investment firms have started making home loans to borrowers who fail to meet banks’ requirements, which got tighter post-crash and have largely stayed that way. And for now they are holding them on their books, which is novel. At least two, Athas Capital Group, of California, and New Penn Financial, which is owned by Shellpoint Partners, of New York, are also making jumbo loans, or loans in most parts of the country that exceed $417,000, as the federal government appears to be scaling its support of that market. The loans are designed to include borrowers with credit scores deemed low by banks’ standards; they also have more-flexible requirements for proof of income. Banks have been too slow to extend credit to such people, the firms say, leaving otherwise responsible borrowers out in the cold—and potential profits on the table. “It’s often a minor detail, why banks won’t approve them,” says Brian O’Shaughnessy, chief executive at Athas Capital Group.
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Athas Capital Group is a proud sponsor of Scotsman Guide’s Top Originators 2012 Rankings

Calabasas, CA. – September 27th , 2012 – Athas Capital Group is proud to announce its Platinum level sponsorship of Scotsman Guide’s Top Originators rankings of U.S. mortgage brokers’, bankers’ and originators’ 2012 production volume.

Scotsman Guide, the leading resource for mortgage originators, is set to release its fourth annual Top Originators rankings on April 1, 2013. The list, which ranks the nation’s top mortgage brokers, bankers and originators, will appear in Scotsman Guide’s April 2013 residential edition and online at
To be eligible for initial consideration in Scotsman Guide’s Top Originators rankings, originators must have had at least $30 million in loan volume or 100 closed home loans for the 2012 calendar year. Only loans and volume that originators closed personally can be considered. After receiving submissions, Scotsman Guide will require written verification of top entrants’ volume from a certified public accountant, the chief financial officer at the originator’s company or a similar source. If you are interested in submitting your 2012 production volume for the rankings, visit for more information and to join our mailing list. Scotsman Guide ranked entries from more than 800 mortgage professionals across the country in its 2011 rankings. To view last year’s rankings, visit Scotsman Guide Media publishes a residential edition and a commercial edition of Scotsman Guide, in addition to Scotsman Guide Loan Post and other platforms at It also is home to the annual Top Originators rankings of the nation’s highest-producing mortgage professionals ( The magazines are available in digital format at Each month, the magazines reach tens of thousands of subscribers nationwide. Scotsman Guide is the leading resource for mortgage originators, and connects mortgage brokers and originators with branch, wholesale and commercial lenders.

Alternative Lender Athas Capital Group Reinvents the Traditional Private Mortgage Lending Model and Finishes 2011 with Year – Over – Year Growth by 141%

Alternative lender Athas Capital Group, Inc. announces remarkable growth in 2011, a result of changing traditional models of private money lending.

February 7, 2012. Since the collapse of the mortgage market in 2007, mortgage professionals and their borrowers have questioned if the fractured industry will ever recover. With Alt-A and subprime products conspicuously absent, borrowers are faced with limited choices if they are unable to qualify for Fannie, Freddie, FHA or VA financing. In lieu of GSE sponsored loans, the other viable option for borrowers is to pursue “hard money” financing. Typical challenges of “hard money” loans include: high interest rates, high fees/points, and the general uncertainty that a loan will actually close/be funded.

The “hard money” subculture has always been an extremely fragmented, regionally focused, “mom and pop” lending option. Furthermore, most “hard money lenders” are really “hard money brokers” who are correspondents for private investors. These private investors are usually wealthy individuals willing to make loans on properties that they would not mind owning. The result is a daisy chain where brokers who are trying to address their borrowers’ financing needs deal with other brokers who are accommodating their private investors’ preferences. The biggest loser in all of this is the consumer/borrower, who is forced to endure an unstructured process with an uncertain outcome to chase a loan product that is often ill suited for their needs. Athas Capital Group, Inc. (“Athas”) has solved these complications and has transformed the typical model resulting in tremendous growth in 2011. In 2011, its loan volume increased year-over-year by 141% based on units and 120% based on the dollar amount funded.

Athas was founded on principles that were designed to specifically address the dysfunctional orientation of the private mortgage market. Kevin O’Shaughnessy, Chief Operating Officer, states that, “We provide our broker and borrower base a streamlined process from initial submission through closing/funding. As an example, we offer detailed rate sheets with pricing matrices tiered by credit buckets for both our residential and commercial products. These rate sheets feed into our comprehensive underwriting guidelines and offer an unprecedented level of transparency and sophistication within the hard money landscape.”

Athas has the distinction of being a true portfolio lender because it manages its own discretionary mortgage fund, eliminating the daisy chain and offering predictability to its broker community. Athas’ lending parameters and structure are determined by its executives, who draw on over 45 years of lending experience. Brian O’Shaughnessy, Chief Executive Officer, says that, “We want every private mortgage application in the country to come across our desk. In order to work towards that goal, we hold our broker base in high regard, offer unparalleled service and execution, and are the low cost option in the private lending space.” Athas finances commercial and residential real estate, including owner occupied properties. O’Shaughnessy adds that “I believe we are the only private lending platform that offers par pricing [zero points] and this adds tremendous benefit to our brokers and borrowers.”

More information about this company is available by visiting or calling 877-877-1477.

Athas Capital Group, Inc. is Committed to Re-establishing Non-prime Lending in Order to Address the Massive Gap that Exists Between Hard Money and Conventional Financing.

Athas Capital Group, Inc. (“ACG”) located in Calabasas, California is taking the initiative to lead the private mortgage industry by targeting an underserved segment of the market: non-prime lending or “soft money” financing.
Calabasas, CA (Vocus/PRWEB) March 22, 2011

Athas Capital Group, Inc. (“ACG”) located in Calabasas, California is taking the initiative to lead the private mortgage industry by targeting an underserved segment of the market: non-prime lending or “soft money” financing. In today’s lending environment, there exists a huge void that leaves many borrowers with few financing solutions. If a borrower fails to meet the onerous underwriting guidelines of banks and GSE lenders, they are not provided with a middle ground solution and their only alternative is bridge/hard money financing.
Over the past three years, ACG has been focused on bridge/hard money lending but the company is now expanding its product offering. Brian O’Shaughnessy, Chief Executive Officer of ACG, explains that “While bridge financing will continue to be a cornerstone of our business, we see a tremendous opportunity to establish ourselves as the premier private lending platform by addressing the non-prime market. We are going to fundamentally change the current lending landscape.”
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Athas Capital Group, Inc., a National Direct Nonprime Lender, Experiences Tremendous Growth in 2010 and is Poised for Even Further Growth in 2011.

Athas Capital Group, Inc., (“ACG”) is a direct mortgage lender specializing in nonprime solutions for commercial nonprime lending Nationwide (except MI or VT) and California residential lending. ACG realizes remarkable production growth through 2010 and will be expanding its residential lending footprint throughout 2011, beginning with Arizona in the first quarter of 2011.

Calabasas, CA (Vocus/PRWEB) January 26, 2011

The co-founders of Athas Capital Group have extensive institutional lending and credit analysis backgrounds, and leverage their expertise by bringing high level institutional structure and knowledge to a lending market that has historically been very fragmented. Since the near collapse of the capital markets, the void created by the lack of an active secondary market for mortgage loans has left little alternative for prime borrowers…
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Athas Capital Group, Inc, a National Lender, Provides 100% Transparency and Invaluable Tools for the Mortgage Broker Community to Help Vet Who Truly is a Lender

With so many pretend lenders in this chaotic residential and commercial lending environment many are faced with the daunting task of trying to validate claims and figure out who truly is a direct lender. Not only does Athas Capital Group and Rama Capital Partners, ACG’s mortgage fund, provide 100% transparency to validate their claims as a direct lender but additionally offers a great tool for brokers and borrowers to help authenticate the reality of the claims from others.

Calabasas, CA (Vocus/PRWEB) December 14, 2010

Athas Capital Group, Inc.(“ACG”) and its mortgage fund, Rama Capital Partners(“RCP”), take the necessary steps and offer a detailed guide to help the Mortgage broker community help vet the reality as to if the lender they are engaging with is in fact a real lender capable of funding. In this fractured lending market many individuals and firms are doing what they can to gain a competitive advantage as they scramble to place loans…
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